Wallpaper Stripping Auckland

Wallpaper Stripping Service Auckland

Removing wallpaper for painting your walls is a tough job. Getting rid of the paper. Getting rid of the glue. Cleaning off the walls. All of it can get you in sweat.

Thankfully, there’s a right way of doing it and our experienced professionals know it. Ayda Painting and Decorating provides super-clean and super-aesthetic wallpaper stripping services throughout Auckland at reasonable prices.

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Wallpaper Removal in Auckland

At a point in time you might have been really excited about decorating your walls with wallpaper. However, preferences change over time and which is why, now you may want to get rid of that old wallpaper.

Whether, it is for getting a new paint or for repairing your old plaster, Ayda Painting and Decorating can take care of it anyday. Our professional painters have years and years of painting and plastering experience and so they know how to help you get rid of your old wallpaper and the residual glue.

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Why Choose Us for Wallpaper Stripping?

Wallpaper stripping is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Getting rid of the paper. Getting rid of the glue. And getting rid of the residual pieces that are left behind on the wall, all of it can get the best in sweat.

We at Ayda Painting and Decorating are here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Our painting professionals have years and years of experience removing wallpaper and painting walls. This way we deliver supreme wallpaper stripping service throughout Auckland.

Give us a call today and get rid of all your painting, decorating and wallpaper stripping headaches.

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