Increase your work productivity even at home through fabulous colours!
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April 1, 2021

Increase your work productivity even at home through fabulous colours!

Just how many times have we emphasised on the fact that the colours around you affect your mood significantly? Yes, the shades that surround you either make you gloomy or make you feel vibrant and jolly. And today when your home is going to be your office for some more months, it is important to create a formal working space in your house itself. If we aren’t wrong, you are already done with that step. So, your home office has gradually replaced your office cubicle. But since it’s a house at the end of the day, it becomes really very difficult to concentrate on work from this space. That is what impacts your productivity and creativity a lot. And the best way we found to increase your productivity is through a nice and charming décor to give this area a facelift. And painting the home office is considered as the biggest milestone in decorating this space.

Some admirable paint shades for your home office!

After the interior plastering in Auckland, the next step to make your home office appear really like a work zone is the painting of this space. But the important question that arises here is what kind of paint would look impressive here. So we have got some really cool ideas to adorn your home office better with the right paint shades that are certainly going to increase your productivity impressively.

Warm shades of grey or beige

The subtle colour that will definitely keep you motivated and calm in your office space is grey or beige. It’s not too dark that will make you rub your eyes after a long screen time and neither too light to make the walls appear as plain as blank paper sheets. The correct balance of energy coming from this shade makes you feel happy and relaxed even after long hours of work in front of the computer screens. And yes, it looks really attractive in your office space and complements any kind of décor theme.

The navy blue shade

If your entire house is painted in muted or lighter shades, you can always make your office standout and look stunning with a darker shade of blue. Since it is blue, it already has the right vibes to bring positivity in you. And when we are going for a darker shade of it, this will make this place look classy and sophisticated. (You might even get the feeling of being the boss in the house when you are using navy blue shade in your office space complemented with the most comfortable chair and other furniture.)

 Warm shade of white

The experienced interior painters in Auckland from Ayda Painting and Decorating especially recommend a warm tone of white for your home office. Since they are highly experienced in this field, they already know the right techniques and skills to make your home appear stunning with nice paint. And with warm white, your room almost glows and you pick that happy vibe from the space. This actually keeps you at ease while you are struggling with those formal mails and letters.

Earthy green

Green is the most celebrated colour for residential spaces. And most people working from home also find it really pleasant in their home offices. That is why we highly recommend you to try the earthy shades of green in your home office. It presents a relaxed atmosphere and soothes your eyes instantly when you gaze at the soft green walls after staring at the computer for hours. Not to forget that it gives the perfect texture to any room with the right decor items complementing it.

 The experts in home décor trust these shades for your home office a lot. We believe that even you should rely on their suggestions this time and try giving a chance to these shades in your home office décor to increase positivity and productivity here.

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